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Every stage of every job has to be properly organised to ensure that all customer needs are met.
The passion and experience that have driven us personally over the years have also led to the organisation of a highly successful printing business, equipped with the latest technology and - more importantly - staffed by a team of highly qualified individuals dedicated to the cause of customer relations. With L'Artegrafica, customers know exactly what they can expect.

Thanks to major investments in advanced technology and equipment, L'Artegrafica boasts its own in-house graphics shop. Our Apple Macintosh systems are able to dialogue with various computer platforms, and allow customers to benefit from the latest graphic technology. Whatever your needs, our graphic shop offers the ultimate response - and quickly too.

Resolution: 300 dpi
Colour system: CMYK / Greyscale / Bitmap...
File formats: .EPS or .TIF

Attach all the fonts you use.

Select maximum quality print settings. If the source for your pdf file was created using Word, Publisher or a similar office program ... no problem! Bear in mind though, that while these programs can export PDF files, the quality of their pdf output is quite limited in terms of layout fidelity and resolution. The way these programs handle colour is also rather primitive and can cause problems.

L'Artegrafica uses skype freeware to send and receive files because Skype does not impose any restrictions on file size. To send files, simple drag them into the chat window. (Click here if you want further information.).
Our Skype name is artegraficaskype.

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