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L'Artegrafica Artegrafica also offers binding and confectioning services! We can bind desktop and wall calendars, catalogues, brochures, foldouts, booklets, blocks, books and registers of all types and sizes, including numbered, annotated, paperback and hardback volumes.

2 automatic cutting machines, cutting height 155 cm,
2 gathering and stitching machines,
5 mixed modular folding machines for formats from pharmaceutical to 70x100,
1 metal point stitching machine with 6 automatic loading stations and built-in three sided cutter,
1 manual metal point stitching machine,
various cover cutting machines,
spiral binding machine, spine binding machine for blocks,
spine rounding machine, spine gluing machine, trimming machine.
Our binding department serves our own production requirements and also undertakes contract work.
A recently purchased creasing and folding machine completes our binding shop and enables it to handle any order, whatever the format.

Our folding service offers all the classical foldouts including two, three, six and ten sides, and can also satisfy more unusual and personal requirements. For example, gate folding can be performed on two folding machines and even heavy papers can be creased.

L'Artegrafica offers its finished product customers a truly all-round service, inclusive of envelope packaging, cellophaning, mailing, special confectioning, courier delivery and many other special services.

Special services
Conventional and solvent based plastic coating
Solventless plastic coating
Dry plastic coating
Water based plastic coating
Paint screen printing
Printing with UV inks
Hot gold stamping

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C'è chi guarda
alle cose come sono
e si chiede "perchè".

Io penso
come potrebbero
essere e mi chiedo
"perchè no?"

Robert Kennedy

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